Our Services

Customized to Your Project

Victory Powerline Services specializes in providing field and technical services to support your company’s electric power grid systems for both Transmission and Distribution. We provide customized services including oversight, inspection, project management and other services for Investor-Owned Utility Companies, Cooperatives and Municipalities.


Project Management

Victory Powerline Services will provide project managers who are experienced in all aspects of the project and know how to get the project successfully completed on time, within budget and according to the designed specifications. Our managers will dive into the details of the project to identify and anticipate project overruns, material shortages or supply issues, or other changes in work scope.

Make-Ready Engineering & Inspections

Victory Powerline Services works with our utility partners by providing experienced staff who will review engineered designs for constructability, recommend adjustments and approve the final design. Our Make-Ready inspectors will perform field audits to ensure that there is the required right-of way, project staking has been completed, poles have been identified and confirm that all units are on the plan design.

OH & UG Distribution Services

Victory Powerline Services employs highly qualified lineman and engineers to provide crew oversight for new construction and maintenance distribution projects. Our inspectors ensure that all work is completed in accordance with the utility standards, in a safe manner and within the scope of the project.

Transmission Inspection & Oversight

Victory Powerline Services provides oversight inspectors who will ensure that all work is completed in accordance with the utility design standards, resolve engineering and constructability challenges, document ‘as-built’ information, verify compliance with environmental issues and right-of-way limits.

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Asset Inspections

Victory Powerline Services has worked with our utility partners to perform an audit of the utility’s assets for inventory purposes. Victory can perform the asset inspections by mobilizing a highly -qualified lineman to inspect and evaluate each asset or we can mobilize our certified and trained drone pilots to inspect and record the findings via a secured website.

Other Services

Victory Powerline Services upholds the highest standards of excellence. All employees are highlyqualified Linemen, Engineers and business professionals who have extensive utility industry experience. Many of our employees have retired from leadership roles with major utilities such as Duke Energy, Georgia Power, Tampa Electric, Mississippi Power, and American Electric Power. Combined our employees and leadership have over 800 years of utility industry experience.