Storm Response

We are proud to offer Storm Response Services through our sister company OneSource Restoration.

Damage Assessment Teams

OSR brings an army of Damage Assessors with the highest level of experience anywhere.  100% of our assessors have at least 20 years of field experience in the electric utility industry.  Our assessors are why OSR is the number one choice for damage assessment.  When you need us we are there! 

Post Storm Sweeps

Let an experienced team of OSR Damage Assessors save you time, money, and outages.  OSR can perform a post-storm sweep on your affected circuits to identify materials left behind, missed oil spills, temporary fixes, and those pesky outages that are sure to take place next week from dangerous timber, hanging limbs, and missed damage.  Pay for these efforts and keep those customer minutes of interruption under the storm accounting rather than having it impact your operations next week. 

Construction Line Crews

OSR prides itself on providing only the safest mostly highly-trained line resources.  Our safety evaluation and vetting program is second to none in our industry and ensures that you get the safe resources you need.  Not all line crews meet our standards to work with OSR.  Be assured OSR is different than the rest; The top tier line resources we bring prove it.

Wire Down Guards

OSR has you covered when it comes to keeping your company and the public safe from fallen wires.  Let our wire-down guards stand watch, keeping everyone safe, and relieving overburdened first responder personnel.  OSR employs retired military and first responders for this assignment.  All wire-down guards come prepared with all the necessary PPE, caution tape, and a vehicle with identifying decals.

Staging Site Support

Whether you need a full turn key staging site or a skilled staging site management team to relieve your staff of the staging site management duties,  OSR has you covered.

Asset Verification/Inventory

OSR has the resources and the expertise to perform any level of Asset Verification or Inventory.  Additionally, OSR can assist in true-up of your GIS system.  Our inspectors have real-world utility experience and bring a wealth of knowledge.  OSR would never perform this level of work with individuals that have minimal classroom training.  Our inspectors have real-world experience and top-tier expertise.

Vegetation Crews

Vegetation management is a major part of preparedness efforts, with trimming and removal of trees and vegetation to reduce the risk of outages in all weather conditions. Recently, OSR has added Vegetation Crew services to proactively address hazardous trees and branches, and they aim to prevent future outages and public safety issues.

Pole Top & Bucket Rescue Certification

OSR has created some of the highest standards in the industry for Pole Top & Bucket Rescue Certification. Get your linemen certified through OSR to be trained in the highest quality, safety-related work practices and procedured.

CPR Certification

OSR provides CPR certification to line contractors. Our experienced personnel will come to you location or multiple locations!